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Ottawa Cops Exempt From Vaxx, FDA Busted Part 2, BLM Money Goes To Hillary & Will She Pay For Crimes
Feb 18, 2022

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Sources used in video:

The irony is Ottawa cops not mandated to take the vaxx -

40 new billionaires from covid -

Who would have guessed BLM money wound up with Clinton -

Will she pay for any of her crimes ever -

Project Veritas FDA Part 2 -

CDC announces swab tests are used for genetic sequencing -

Biden wants more money for future variants -

Big pharma aren't the only winners, casinos set new record for profits -

Banks were fine with Epstein, but truckers not allowed -

This Chanadian jerkoff just confirmed it's all political -

States can pass their own laws on medical treatment -

Meanwhile in NY judge won't let dying man have Ivermectin -

More taxpayer money funneled off to left wing activists -

Babylon Bee - liberal shocked -

Steve Inman -

Song - Audioslave - I Am The Highway (Lyrics) -

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