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US Military Is A Woke Joke, A Battle For World Order & Is Ukraine Burning Election Fraud Evidence?
Feb 26, 2022

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Sources used in video:

Peaceful protest -

Biden appointees are all a hot mess -

Must have diversity and trans people in military -

Let's take a look at some military readiness numbers -

DOD stunningly incompetent -

Putting out a fire with Biden CIA documents -

Putin benefiting from white privilege -

Is this a battle for the new world order -

Watch what our government pulls next -

Pain at the pump and inflation coming -

Chanada is absolutely a communist dictatorship -

Nebraska wants to punish wrong think -

China censors and approves all media -

Biden will never let us go back to normal -

It's time to take action against these doctors and hospitals -

CDC suddenly pulls mask mandates -

Chile protects employees from alterations to human genome -

Time to move to Idaho -

Commiefornia adopts transition closet -

Changing of the guard at India Pakistan border -

Whatfinger News funnies, from Blake - Dog hates smell of durian fruit -

Song - Topher - The Patriot -

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