Jan 20, 2022

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Sources used in video:

Pandemic ending so Joe can brag at SOTU -

They are shutting it down for now -

Here's why they are changing their tune -

David Martin explains how vaxx companies can be stripped of immunity - 3:24-4:18

Mask mandates have utterly failed -

CDC is a joke, admit masks don't work -

Supreme court upholds mask mandate on planes -

This is what they call science now -

When are people gonna realize the testing is the problem -

Tap water tests positive for covid -

NSW updates their death count, almost all vaxxed -

Why don't they mandate healthy eating -

Get out of the cities, LA is total shithole -

CNN wants the democrats to control food and gas prices -

Best TV ad, from Blake -

Steve Inman -

Song - Send Em To Jail - The Official Song-Lyric-Video ft. Lin Wood -

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