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WEF Runs The World, Chanada Madness Coming To US, Climate Nonsense Ramping Up & Don't Forget Waco
Feb 23, 2022

Aimless News

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Sources used in video:

WEF now runs the world -

Here is what they have planned for you -

Get ready to be beat over the head with climate change -

How to figure your ESG score -

Beware the Karens who support all this -

Black face Adolf bought and owns the media -

Trudeau threatens Youtuber, makes him remove videos -

US can use the same powers Chanada did -

Never forget what they did at Waco -

Attn cops, they'll get rid of you too -

FBI is completely gone -

Whatfinger News funnies - dog has other plans -

Whatfinger News funnies - clicker doesn't work -


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