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Who & What Is Metabiota, US Does Bioweapon Research In 25 Countries & Russia Germany Pipeline Is Key
Mar 01, 2022

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Sources used in video:

Who and what is Metabiota -

US got some explaining to do, Wuhan just tip of the iceberg -

Is this about Russia, Germany pipeline -

This war will trigger global food shortages -

You know somethings going wrong if Switzerland is getting involved -

Biden warns Putin not to use cyber attacks -

These people support Ukraine, I wonder why -

Ukraine fighting for the new world order -

Don't worry, we'll just use green energy -

Secret service can't find Hunters travel records -

FEMA wants you to social distance and wear your mask in nuclear attack -

Dept of Interior? doing the work we all want -

Victor Davis Hansen, how to fix this -

MI6 chief has it all figured out -

Steve Inman -

Song - Warren Zeiders - Ride the Lightning -

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