May 13, 2022

Winner Take All

Co-author of the best-seller Modern Monopolies. Platforms like Facebook and Google are 21st...



Brigadier General Robert Spalding joins the show to discuss his new book War Without Rules. In War Without Rules retired Air Force Brigadier General Rob Spalding takes Americans inside Unrestricted Warfare. Unrestricted Warfare outlines the Chinese Communist Party's strategy for total war has been written out in Unrestricted Warfare, the Chinese book, well known there, that has become their new Art of War.He walks readers through the principles of this book, revealing the Chinese belief that there is no sector of life outside the realm of war. He shows how the CCP itself has promised to use corporate espionage, global pandemics, and trade violations to achieve dominance. Most importantly, he provides insight into how, once Americans are aware of the tactics, we can fight back against CCP’s creeping influence.

We spoke with Spalding about how the CCP is using tech monopolies to shift narratives and how foreign adversaries can aim to make citizens lose faith in traditional systems through tech and social systems.

00:00 - Subscribe and fight big tech! 00:24 - Welcome Brigadier General Robert Spalding 01:40 - What does War Without Rules mean? 06:07 - Outlook with Taiwan 12:31 - Is the U.S. responding? 19:48 - Building resistant infrastructure 21:43 - Differing value systems 28:23 - Thoughts on Elon Musk buying Twitter 31:32 - The CCP's desire to win at all costs 44:09 - The CCP operating in stealth and savvy ways

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