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eBay Market Share is Sinking | Will The Legacy Auction Platform Survive?
Mar 15, 2022

Winner Take All

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A recent marketplace report shows that eBay's eCommerce market share has now sunk below 5%. Is this a natural result of the meteoric growth of eCommerce in the U.S. or a sign that eBay is failing? I don't think you can blame this completely on eBay but there are certainly areas we've seen eBay continually fail to grow its platform over the past decade. Frankly, I think there's a long list of failures by leadership at eBay that have put the auction marketplace into a stagnant position lacking in innovation. What happened to eBay's early lead in eCommerce? I think a lot of this comes down to eBay lack of competitive recognition of vertical specific marketplaces

00:00 - Subscribe and Fight Big Tech 00:19 - eBay market share sinks below 5% 01:05 - What's a good comp to eBay? 01:56 - Etsy's similar business model is seeing massive growth 02:58 - Horizontal mega marketplaces vs vertical specific 04:03 - Mistakes by eBay leadership 05:38 - Failure to provide value add services 06:14 - eBay growth is tepid 06:50 - eBay competitors like Etsy are making moves

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  • Same as Amazon more ~10 years ago, when they ask for Smart Phone or Bank Account, I am done. Let the SF-SV devils eat cake while they burn. There are better options WE can all use freely and honestly. They are spy agencies and data collectors preparing for the GR. Etsy is great if: Would you like to support BLM or Ukraine Azov party?

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