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The EU's Next Crackdown on Big Tech | The New GDPR of 2022
Apr 07, 2022

Winner Take All

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I take a look at the EU's new Digital Markets Act, which is new major regulation in the EU that aims to limit the power of gatekeeper platforms. Similar to GDPR, the overall concept here has the right spirit but the execution looks to be lacking. I go over some of the large rules these new regulations would force tech companies (and others) to follow:

Making messaging apps interoperable. Letting users choose a default search engine. Ensuring fair access conditions for app stores. Gaining explicit consent to combine personal data to target ads. Banning the companies from ranking their own products higher than others.

Many of these rules have good intention but I think the big problem here is EU regulators lazy definition of a gatekeeper. As writen, I think this law will provide nothing but headaches for companies that should've never been subject to tech regulation in the first place.

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