Apr 06, 2022

Winner Take All

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The Information has released an exposé on Pinterest's continued management problems and the platform's utter failure to implement any kind of commerce. The article details the companies failed to talks to be acquired by PayPal and the miss on acquiring eCommerce enabler Verishop.

We've talked about Pinterest multiple times on this show and there hasn't been many positives to comment on. I think it's time for a change at CEO for Pinterest and for someone to PLEASE figure out some way to implement commerce onto the platform. It's inexcusable that a $16 billion company has taken this long to monetize its platform in a meaningful way. While Pinterest has floundered we've seen competing platforms like Instagram launch and start to see success with commerce offerings.

Indecision at Pinterest:

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  • I am glad I am not the only one who thinks PInterest is totally pointless! I still have no idea what it is trying to do or achieve. It offers things to look at then blocks it with every tick box it can find. And any photo is invariably labelled incorrectly god knows what it is intended to do- I find it just a pain and now have nothing to do with it.

  • Pinterest is failing in my book because when I view a picture that I want to check the posters website for more info, I cannot. POOH ON YOU

  • Why would you take her story at face value? A former employee complaining about her former workplace, and throwing around all the typical buzzwords that can't be defined... why would you take that at face value? Lost a lot of credibility there since you ignored the very large elephant in the room.

    Pinterest is about as useless a website as I could imagine. Etsy is bad, but what exactly is Pinterest supposed to be doing? I've used it in the past, and found it more trouble than not, and there aren't any metrics you can check as a business to see if being on that website is actually beneficial to you. In the end, Pinterest reminds me a lot of Vimeo -- entirely irrelevant in the social media universe, and by their own doing.

  • I personally love Pinterest. You can go down so many rabbit holes that are interesting and fun. I have learned a lot by being a member of Pinterest. I actually find it more informative than Google which has decided to ban anything the powers of be don't like. There is some advertising on Pinterest which I do not mind, but if they start being nothing but I think they will lose a lot of people.

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