Jun 23, 2022

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Caught on camera: Minneapolis bar worker pistol whipped in broad daylight in attempted carjacking

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  • Where's the rest of it? It was cut short.

  • definately not your midwest deplorable norwegian descent attackers.

  • That damned son of a bitch!! Too bad they didn't tear him from limb to limb, cottdamn piece of sh!t!

  • the missed tackle at 01:03 Sad.

  • Every single person in this video is an idiot.

  • I'm sure race had nothing to do with it.

  • Amazing no one got shot.

  • Guess the criminal element is practicing for when the demokkkrats ban guns from law abiding citizens. And like Australia when they took guns away from the law abiding citizens crime went through the peribial roof.You know why criminals don't give a flying fuck about gun laws.

  • Obviously, this wasn't a "car jacking" as much as it was a robbery! You see the "bar worker" holding a bag in his hand...the African American fella' approached him and the bar worker hid the bag behind his back in a non-scripted game of "try to grab it from me"...eventually the nice African American guy helps the white guy to the ground in order to relieve him of that pesky bag which was causing the white guy to fall down in the first place! When all those other white folks came around to thank the black guys...the black guys ran off because they didn't want the credit for being so helpful!

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  • love it!!

  • Black people cause problem, white people solve it - Episode 5937553

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