America Uncanceled: Full Speech - Nick Fuentes - July 10th 2021
Jul 12, 2021

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After his wrongful ban on Twitter, Nicholas J Fuentes held a press conference in Dallas where he addressed the scourge of Big Tech Censorship on the American Right.

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  • I'm a cute femboy and i find Nick very handsome UwU

  • I like some of his points, interesting, he really told the way it is,,I’m giving a huge points,,

  • Am I the only one who had to put up with constant buffering?

  • The Truth shall set you Free!

  • Agree heartily with much of his speech. I've personally always been somewhat suspicious of Alex Jones as he has made some very strange statements. I think the most unusual was when I heard Alex say that the Arabs controlled Hollywood.

  • Ok, that was a pretty good speech. The last point was a home run for me as well. Thank you for having the courage to say these things. Lots of people need to wake up to the indoctrination that we've been brought up under.

  • What did Kirk do?

  • Amazing speech!

  • So flipping based!

  • Probably the best speech i have ever heard.

  • That was inspiring, I mean inspiring. I am a boomer and this is the best speech to trash the lunatic left over their catchword allegations I have ever heard. It is so good to see him standing so well against the might of the establishment. Gab have down us a favour putting this up. Paul Scott New Zealand .

  • This young man is impressive.

  • Did the feds confiscate Nick's BTC?

  • Absolute genius.

  • Great speech except for the women should be in the house having kids part. He should get married and have some kids before acting like he knows what he is talking about on that front but pretty legit on immigration.

  • Nick is the future.

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