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America Uncanceled: Full Speech - Nick Fuentes - July 10th 2021
Jul 12, 2021

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After his wrongful ban on Twitter, Nicholas J Fuentes held a press conference in Dallas where he addressed the scourge of Big Tech Censorship on the American Right.

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  • I would sure like to see the transcript of Nick's speech. I do not hear well and captions are a blessing to me if someone who does hear well would type it. The sound is not that good, there is a close echo it seems, and that does not help one bit either.

  • "Steve Crowder... they're not being censored because they don't really have a message that is challenging the system. On a fundamental level, their worldview and their message is virtually identical to the left."

    Clearly you have not watched any of Crowder's content. Lol that's like saying Trump's presidential policies are virtually identical to Joe Biden's. I support conservatism, but at least get your facts straight and don't make stuff up.

  • The breakup of marriage and the family, the redefining of age old words, actions and beliefs will be the total collapse of the America I grew up in. It’s too late, you cannot stop it... it began when Americans stopped having babies and tossed mom to the corporate wolves as their help meet. What ever you believe must come back to the beginnings of what made us great in the first place. That happens one family at a time. One community at a time, from deep within a Christian people that return to Gods word.

    That God was racist is very apparent in the Old Testament,, and yet he destroyed Israel and Jerusalem replacing it with the apple of his eye from the beginning, His bride, the Church.

    Until America is reborn in the church house she will never be reborn in the court house, state house, school house. Until their is rebirth in your house, the church house is twice dead and plucked up by the roots

  • I have been banned from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium. My babies, my body, and our lives were destroyed by the shots they call vaccines. I contend they are anything but vaccines. I declined a free pass to medical school in 1976 to care for my toddler who had been brain-damaged by his baby shots. I was a child prodigy and intended to go become a genetic researcher. I am a polymath, a genius, and a non-linear thinker looking for a home.

  • Excellent video, one of the best that I have seen in a long time. Note to Nick: One of the main uses of the so called "Holocaust", and the use of "Hitler" is as a diversion. They, (who so ever uses the tactic), is trying to take your attention away from the REAL holocaust in the Soviet Union where between 15 and 35 million Catholic Ukrainians were murdered by the communists that formed and ran the USSR, who were ..... Zionists themselves!

  • BRUCE Jenner at CPAC, is satanic-

  • Lots of kvetching faggots in the comments. Get out of the movement. You're not welcome.

  • There's something off here.. I know he speaks out about his beliefs but a lot of what he says is unnecessary and counterproductive. Smart but young and erratic and racist, certainly not Christian but if he claims to be he knows little about God's word. Spend more time in a pew with a preacher who preaches the Bible completely.

  • Nick, says a lot of good things, but has a lot to learn about what a real Christian is. Politics is not the reason America has gotten further and further away from God, it is the liberal pulpit. It is caused by those who stand in the pulpit every Sunday and say what the "itching ears want to hear". This is what has caused America's downfall, and put wicked men in charge. You can't reform politics, until the church repents.

    These pastors are the same ones who will not rebuke someone like Nick for his filthy language. "Out of the heart, the mouth speaks". He may have some Christian views, (of which I commend), and call himself a Christian, but filth doesn't repeatedly come out of the mouth of a true Christian, because Christians obey the word of God, "let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth" and that includes cussing.

    As for the Jews, Jesus went to them first, not because they were the most Holy people on earth and deserved the blessing of having the Messiah come to them first, but just the opposite. He came to the Jews first, because they were in more need of redemption than the rest of the world. They had the law and the prophets, the synagouges and teachers, yet they were the biggest hypocrites on the planet, for they "honored Him with their lips, but their hearts were far from Him", just like modern American "christians".

  • I thought, being as young as he is, did a great job!!

  • Is being banned suppose to be some kind of credentials?

  • Nick keeps mentioning our European values. Europe was a mess when the US was created. He speaks as if Blacks cannot be assimilated to American values. Tell that to Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, and others who know and understand American values better than most White Americans. Spot on about motherhood, with the caveat women need to have work opportunities for when the men in their lives let them down or die, which has always been a reality. He is spot on when he says, "Denying the divinity of Jesus Christ is far worse than denying holocaust." The holocaust happened and was deplorable but is used as a propaganda tool. Ever wonder why even worse genocidal acts of other regimes don't get the same play? But remember, Nick, the White cultured America that you admire gave birth to horrid ideas such as eugenics and globalism. Like any other people, White Americans are sinners at heart because "every inclination [or imagination] of the human heart is evil from childhood" (Genesis 8:21)

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  • First Nick Fuentes Video. Only read up on you from the GAB CEO didn't know much else other than your ban at CPAC. Some great points were made during your speech. Some of the content was quite juvenile and showed a clear narrow-minded pov over a broad view of topics. overall, after the 1 hour video I can see why the major social media companies ban you if you are pushing what most would view as "hate speech". Such a broad term of course! However, it's clear to see that being offensive can have you removed from places in the real world and on the internet. Opened my eyes on many topics but disappointed w some of the rhetoric. Overall solid content.

  • This video is good at many times and quite poor at others. Lots of detail but quite juvenile and narrow-minded pov over a broad view of topics. overall, after the hour long video I can see why the major social media companies ban you if you are pushing what most would view as "hate speech". Such a broad term of course but its clear to see how being offensive can have you removed from places in the real world and on the internet. Opened my eyes on many topics but disappointed w some of the rhetoric. overall solid content.

  • This sounds bad because we've been told it's mean and selfish and I don't agree with everything that he believes, BUT historically he's 100% correct. I'm a boomer and I have seen the process that's brought us here. I believe that 2 single events catapulted this crisis were in. 1) The Federal Govt took Education from States and took out prayer. 2) The Women's movement. The later being the most devastating. When mothers stopped raising the children, we gave up our ability to teach our heritage to our children. Someone else's values were installed in our families.

  • Right on!

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