Everything Woke Turns to Poop, Including Our Military Leaders
Oct 08, 2021

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Our military leaders have gone woke. Now the merger between military, Marxism, and machine is complete. There's only one way to stop this. Agents of the deep state have been revealed and every single last one of them must go.

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  • It can Not! These Demonic leaders must be stopped immediately! Do you realize the demonic entities are programming Humanity to fight their war against forces of Light? Many Humans have willingly allowed themselves to be deceived by this Demonic scheme against The Creator of all Life including their own. You have Woefully miscalculated My Creation as well as Me as the Creator of All. Your choices are against all law in existence for the sustenance of Life itself. You are a disgrace to My Law, Universal Law. Galactic Law, Cosmic Law, as well as your own Spiritual Treaty and Contract, You elected,(selected) so-called Leaders are Nothing. You have failed the Universe and your given task horribly in a way of conscious intent that can Not be over-looked, nor go Unpunished!

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