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Bikers VS Cops
Jun 07, 2022


Repost of my favorite videos and clips.



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  • Cops stand by while people steal out of hard working family owned business but then go through all this over motorbikes. Fuck the cops. Ride on. . .do not ever pull over. They wanted a new world, HERE IT IS, Middle finger over your shoulder and bye bye. . .

  • The video speed was accelerate.

  • Just enough so they could videotape them and get their license numbers. Pure genius.

  • these types of riders do not live long, they will kill themselves before they realize.

  • Not impressed. Bikers enjoy this shit because cops play by the rules. If they didn't it would just be bikers in body bags.

  • Every one of them should be in prison!

  • Mostly blacks down south do this. Its been going on for years but way worse now that joe bidens new america is in effect. They are empowered by the demorats. They know they will not be punished and if one of them gets in an accident because of the cops chasing them, the ghettos from which they come will rise up. This is not racial, its fact. As a private citizen driving the roadways carry a gun and if harrassed by these spooks on bikes, remember a car, suv or a pickup can take them out easily. I've had it with these pos criminals.

  • A pit maneuver would stop them.

  • Those aren't bikers, they're squids (squirrely kids).

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