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Faith to Quench ALL Fiery Darts - Curry Blake
Oct 01, 2021

A Most Vehement Flame

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Some of what Brother Curry Blake shares in this video transcribed for you below:

"Believing is simply flipping on a switch. One minute you're not believing, next minute you go "I choose to believe" and you flip on a switch and you're believing. The minute you believe, it's working. Do you understand? The minute you believe, it's working. It's not, you have to build up to it. It's, because, it's not of the degree of faith, it is faith the size of a grain of mustard seed. It's faith. It's either faith or it isn't faith. Right? So, you just believe. Once you believe, it changes. Before you were born again you were an unbeliever, and you were sin, the bible says. You believed. Now the minute you believed, you became the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. Right? You didn't grow into it. See, if you died at that moment you wouldn't have went to hell because you weren't good enough yet. You understand? You believed, right then, it was done, Right? Instantaneous. Now it's exactly the same thing. So, all you have to do is decide to believe this scripture, and say "That's true. I believe it. It's real for me." Now, it's the same thing with healing, and everything else. If you apply the same thing to healing you get healed that quick too. Why? Because it is already done, it is already finished. God doesn't have to do anything. He's already put the thing in motion, says "Hey jump in." Right? The train's going by, just jump on, you'll get there. Amen? Now is there any fiery dart that can get through your shield of faith? Not according to the word. Right? Above all, taking the shield of faith wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. Now, remember, you've probably heard me mention this before. There are four or five words that nobody believes. One is "all". Right? The other is "nothing". Because it says "and nothing shall by any means hurt you" and yet Christians believe everything can hurt you. Right? But it says "nothing shall by any means hurt you". Right? That's a good verse. Right? That's Luke 10:19. He said He gives you power, you authority, over all the ability of the enemy. Right? And nothing shall by any means hurt you. Why don't we believe that? Do you realize, if you just decide to believe "nothing shall be able to hurt you" that at that moment nothing can hurt you? Do you understand, as soon as you believe that, because he says "nothing should hurt you". Now, either it's true or it's not."

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  • Jadar_Tronus a few seconds ago

    Great clip!πŸ‘ I love what he said about not using phrases that speak failure and are founded in witchcraft.

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