Jun 20, 2021

American Renaissance

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance warns that the prospects for whites are bad; they are not sustaining their populations and are being displaced in their homelands. Taylor notes that it is proper to worry about declining numbers in the natural world -- whether it's the Cuban Crocodile or the Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle -- and asks why it's wrong to care about the long-term survival of whites.

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  • The Vaxx will tend to some of these numbers soon enough.

  • Feminism has alot to do with the declining rates of marriage and births. Most young men I know in their 30s with their shit together refuse to marry because the risk is too great and no fault divorce can leave you bankrupt and homeless. Add unchecked immigration and it's pretty much over for us. Unless we get a radical government that will deport every non white there is no coming back.

  • I think a huge factor in this matter is the fact that western men have turned from God. From the Bishops whose duty it was to teach an preserve the faith; to fathers, who refused to fight the Banksters for control of resources, so that they might support larger families, and instead turned to abortion and contraception to alleviate financial burden. In Catholic Quebec pre-1960 the AVERAGE family was 8, yes EIGHT, children. The Catholic faith preserved marriages and forbade contraception. Look at it now...

  • White people have been financing the survival of all other races.

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