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This Will Remind You Why You're Angry
Jan 08, 2021

Obstacles cannot crush me; Every obstacle yields to Stern Resolve. ---47. Constitutional...


Remember, they started it. They set the Rules of Engagement.

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  • There is no justice when Democrats are above the law.

  • You can "Smell" the rise of a fascist cabal- Where debate and differing opinions are being cancelled. Could also be called a Communist cabal-For there is only a paper thickness between the two of them.

  • There's a place where there's no racism just reverse racism. Its called Africa. send the "blacks" back to Africa. and oh yeah trumplam is a race traitor like the rest of everyone else.

  • God I hate don lemon for being such a rude and reverse racist piece of shit. He's so rude to his guests on his show.

  • Has anyone noticed that Nancy Pelosi color coordinates her mask with her clothes? I felt bad when her house was vandalized. I don't feel so bad about that anymore. She wears the mask around her neck to hide her turkey gobbler. Cheaper than surgery.. Forgive me Jesus, but I don't like Nancy Pelosi. Shes a hag.

  • Really? And Conservatives are the violent ones..

  • I know exactly what would happen if you tried to put this shockingly truthful video on YouTube. That's why I'm going through YouTube withdrawal right now but going strong. Free speech forever!

  • All of these people, male, female, and everything in between are human trash.

    Oh yeah, and Twitter sucks.

  • Like I need any more reason to remind myself why IM PISSED

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