What is “information,” anyway? (CT Scan, Episode 80)
Oct 10, 2021

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Can mutations create new information? To answer, we first have to pinpoint what those keywords mean. Mutations are permanent changes to DNA, which can produce helpful new traits under certain conditions. But can they produce useful, novel information to evolve one kind of creature into another? Carefully checking the definition of “information” reveals otherwise.

DIGGING DEEPER 🔹 Free e-book: In the beginning was information: A scientist explains the incredible design in nature. Dr. Werner Gitt, New Leaf Publishing Group, 2006: 🔹 All information theory articles: 🔹 All mutation articles: 🔹 Book chapter: Information: Evidence for a Creator? (From The New Answers Book 2, available to read online for free here: 🔹 Book chapter: Are Mutations Part of the Engine of Evolution? (From The New Answers Book 2, available to read online for free here: 🔹 Book chapter: Mutation-Selection in Biblical Perspective (From Dr. Garry Parker, Creation: Facts of Life, New Leaf Publishing Group, 2006, available to read online for free here: 🔹 Purdom, G. & Anderson, K. (2009) A Creationist Perspective of Beneficial Mutations in Bacteria. 🔹 Anderson, K. (2016) Just How Random Are Mutations?

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