Jun 13, 2021

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Matt S. DePerno, Constitutional Attorney, discusses Michigan corruption, his request to Rudi Guiliani, Stop The Steal and The RNC to support attorneys. None of the funds they raised have been released to Attorneys who are actually stopping the steal. "The only thing that kept this case alive was the efforts of so many Americans across the country... I am so thankful for the efforts that these people made."

We've set aside our entire law practice to work this case.

Meanwhile, "the millionaires who won't contribute... CPAC won't contribute to this cause... It's infuriating where they won't step up where so many... people have stepped up and contributed $12 out of their social security to help fund this effort and I can't convince millionaire and billionaires to help fund this".

Matt S. DePerno's entire interview can be seen in TheDeepRig.Movie

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  • We also need a group taking the calls from Americans sick and dying from this corp. jabs and give the people the true numbers instead of believing what we already know in this corp. entities don't work or even care about the people and show the American People true numbers

  • Time to redo TRUST LAWS and confiscate the property of all Fortune 500 Corporations, fire all the executives there, throw those guys into jail.

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