Jun 13, 2021

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Inventor of Kinematic Artifact Detection, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer testified in the Georgia election fraud hearing that he hacked into the Dominion software during the Georgia Senate runoff elections and was able to demonstrate that election fraud was in progress.

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  • It is the same every election rigged elections so how did Trump win because they wanted him to win why to buy more time to get more Chinese soldiers on the Mexican border in the Canadian border ready to infiltrate America

  • I give this man credit, he's extremely intelligent and people ask him the dumbest questions. We are blessed to have this man looking into our election..

  • Thank you Jovan 🙏🏽 for exposing the truth. Please keep making short, hard-hitting videos that can be shared with libtards that would prefer not to know the truth. They have very short attention spans. 🙄🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Maximize opportunity, Maximize "Voter Fraud".

  • Kinematic Artifact Detection - explained by JHP Javan 202 Patents: Michael Flynn telling you who is paying for the audits (Partrick Byrne): Get bent lefty.

  • FYI: Kinamatic artifacts is just fancy words for ARTIFACTING IN DIGITAL IMAGES OR SCANS.... It's like looking at an old image and seeing the "artifacts".... This is a joke... He didnt "INVENT" anything, he is a scammer and works with TESLA which explains it all.. FYI patrick byrne is a known con man... how are you guys so dumb you think all these known CORRUPT PEOPLE ARE NOW SOMEHOW SUPER GODLY GREAT HONEST PATRIOTS??? You are being played as usual... wake up sheep

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