Julie describe her groundbreaking birthing work for UN - Building People’s Courage by Leaders
May 17, 2021

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Universal Peace Conference 2021 This is from the Q and A session with Manoj Lekhi and Julie Gerland on the topic "Building People’s Courage by Leaders" at the Universal Peace Conference from April 23rd. See the full session:

Julie Gerland Country: France

Following a profound enlightenment experience at the age of 16 Julie has spent her life empowering people to access their deep authentic Self. On discovering the Teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov at the age of 22, she dedicated her life to changing the global paradigm on the life-long impact of early prenatal development. Her advocacy at the United Nations culminated in this change through the groundbreaking document, Nurturing Care: A Framework for Early Childhood Development. She is an inspiring visionary, thought-leader, pioneer, teacher, international lecturer and advocate. Julie and her husband, François, are creating the global movement Birthing The New Humanity and BirthTheChange® programmes. Julie has received several international awards, an honorary doctorate, appeared in the media, TEDx and co-authored three award-winning celebrity anthologies.

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