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Mind Warfare (Conference) | Judyth Vary Baker, Crystal Goh, Kian369
Mar 30, 2022

Universal Peace Center

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Watch the full session "Mind Warfare" with Judyth Vary Baker, Crystal C.C. Goh and Kian369. This is a session from Universal Peace Conference 2022 (UPC2022). They start each with 40min individual presentations followed by one hour discussion together with the audience.

Judyth Vary Baker Country: USA Judyth Baker is a former cancer researcher who was used by the CIA during the Cold War in New Orleans, USA, to assist in the development of a biological weapon to give cancer to Fidel Castro. She also became involved with CIA contract agent Lee Harvey Oswald, later to be falsely accused of killing President John F. Kennedy. Judyth’s book “LEE HARVEY OSWALD AND ME” (Silver Bullet Publications, 2021) has sold over 100,000 copies. Her other published books include “Kennedy & Oswald: The Big Picture”, “David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot”, and her AI-warning science fiction book, “Letters to the Cyborgs”, plus a related novella, “The Last Vaccine” (Trine Day Publishers). She has a B.S. (U of Texas, Houston) in forensic and cultural anthropology, an M.A. in Writing and Linguistics, and an ABD in Literature and Linguistics. She also has A.A. degrees in Medical Technology and Communications.

Crystal C.C. Goh
Country: United Kingdom and Malaysia Crystal Goh, B.A.(Hons), MSc., is a certified hypnotherapist. Crystal who currently lives in London, was a resource speaker (Mind-Mastery Coach, Mentor and Consultant for the CEOs). Since young, she had learnt to meditate from Tibetan Lamas, Hindu yogis and spiritual gurus. A protege of The Father of Hypnosis, Dr. Gil Boyne and Gerald Kein since the early 90s, she pioneered in Hypnotism in Malaysia and was renowned there having taught self-hypnosis to thousands, she became a Mind-Mastery Coach for the CEOs, mentoring and coaching them on IQ, EQ, SQ in management. Having resettled in the UK, she founded FESIG, the Free Energy Special Interest Group. FESIG is a platform where Science meets Spirituality, to share ideas, knowledge, inform, update, discover, work together to develop and build futuristic technologies on alternative (free) energy, healing and human sustenance.

Kian369 Country: The Netherlands Kian369 is a computer programmer by profession and has spent a lifetime to re-search the secret of anti-gravity. In July 2021 he recorded a public notice to the extraterrestrial United Federation of Planets, challenging their secret interference with Earth. When Kian was asked to speak at the 93th meeting of the Free Energy Special Interest Group (FESIG) in October 2021 he presented the physics of anti-gravity, what later became the movie “Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe”. He also sent a warning to the controllers of earth, which includes both terrestrial Cabal and extraterrestrial races. Kian’s Odysee channel

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