May 15, 2021

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This is a question from the Q and A from the second session of Universal Peace Conference 2021 (UPC2021) with Dr Preeti Kohli, Mikael Söderström and Mohanji. See full session:

Dr Preeti Kohli Country: India Dr. Preeti Kohli, B.H.M.S, has been a consulting Homeopathic Physician for over 20 years and a Transformational Coach for over 11 years. She currently serves as one of the Founding Members & Director at The Aha Movement. Through her work, she has touched thousands of lives and has successfully conducted over 200 workshops in alternative healing therapies. She was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at the age of 15. Her keen interest to understand the body-mind-soul connect and help people grow holistically led her towards learning and practicing other root cause therapies like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Re-birthing Breath-work, and Family Constellation. One of her passions is to work with parents and kids. She also volunteers to teach meditation for children at schools through the Soul Science Foundation. Facebook:

Mikael Söderström Country: Sweden Trained in Naturopathy, Meditation, Yoga and yogic philosophy. He has been working with natural health and meditation for the past decade. He worked with psychic diseased young adults as well as people with narcolepsy, epilepsy and other chronic diseases in Sweden, teaching natural health, and yogic practices. Right now Mikael is a part of the meditation steps project, teaching meditation for free online. Meditation for beginners free online course from Dada Sadananda and Mikael Söderström:

Mohanji Age: 56 Country: Worldwide Mohanji is a world-respected humanitarian and the founder of the Mohanji International Foundation which has activities across 5 continents, registered charitable offices in 16 countries and its headquarters based in Switzerland. Mohanji’s life purpose is to unite the world with the highest values of love, kindness, compassion and selflessness. He believes that Humanity is the best religion for humans and the best practice is Ahimsa or Non-violence; in thoughts, words or actions. Mohanji emphasises a lifestyle of purity, non-violence, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings across all species. In Mohanji’s words, “True wealth comes from what we give to this earth, not from what we take”. Mohanji is also the founder of various non-profit organisations that act as platforms for people to express their kindness and compassion through selfless acts that add value to society. These include Ammucare Charitable Trust (India), ACT Foundation (Worldwide), Act4Hunger, Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Languages, Dance and Martial Arts, World Consciousness Alliance and the Early Birds Club. Mohanji’s website:

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