Feb 26, 2022


Truther channel - heavily censored by YouTube. I focus on politics from a...



Round & round we go in this information war.... Truth Social is up doing Beta testing ,Covid19 is losing steam , Bill Gates said theres another pandemic coming.

  1. Dan Scavino Truth Social is gonna be a game changer

  2. Happening now outside of Trump International Golf Club in the GREAT state of FLORIDA

  3. In Alphabet Soup news Aubrey Cottle, who hacked GiveSendGo is crowing about getting thousands of people fired from their jobs for donating to the Freedom Convoy

  4. BLM alphabet soup activist Quintez Brown interview w/ Joy Ann Reid for gun reform

  5. Mayor Watermelon Seeds Eric Adams Meets With Drill Rap Artists After Accusing Genre Of Contributing To Violence

  6. Durham probe has accelerated MSM ignoring it

  7. Lady from Daily Caller ask Hillary when are you going to comment on the allegations that you paid to SPY on the Trump campaign

  8. Trump said 2016 Hillary like to play tough with Russia , Putin looks at her and laugh

  9. France Convoy tear gas lands inside restaurant families running for cover

  10. Freedom Convoy Trucker Christian says he will not leave the blockade

  11. Vaccine Passport to all digital currency will bring us into a slavery system

  12. The Psychopaths That Want You To Take The mRNA Jabs want To Connect You To The internet of bodies

  13. Maajid Nawaz leaves Joe Rogan speechless by explaining how the World Economic Forum infiltrating governments to bring vaccine passport digital IDs and social credit score

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