Feb 16, 2022


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Those of us out of the Matrix of lies knew the MSM was pushing the Russian Collusion LIE , we knew Ukraine phone call was another lie pushed by the MSM & Democrats . OBAMAGATE was TREASON of all who were complicit in this coup of a sitting President , will make watergate look like childs play. Now the truth is pouring out The first major shoe to drop was the indictment of Michael Sussman, who was an intermediary for Hillary Clinton digging up dirt on Donald Trump. In Sussman’s case, he lied about who he was working for and misled the FBI regarding the now-debunked Alfa-Bank story. But given the vast involvement of other individuals working for the infamous Perkins Coie law firm, which Clinton used as a proxy to smear Trump with false claims of Russian collusion, Durham’s investigation was always likely to go further. We’ve seen hints of that recently, but his latest filing is a true “shock and awe” moment.

With this we can expect much more distractions by the Deep state… next up will be cyber attack & power outages.

  1. Silver Spoons child actor Ricky Schroder hopes “our truckers” will “shut down DC

  2. Trudeau threatening the citizens of Canada by protecting them from their right Free Speech.. because Peaceful protest is breaking the law now

  3. Its over , the people are winning in Canada

  4. This is the SPIRIT of CANADA

  5. Truckers for Freedom in Australia outside of Parliament House in Canberra protesting against Tyrannical Mandates

  6. File Claim against School Board for masking and testing students

  7. For over two hours Minneapolis businesses were vandalized up and down Lake Street by domestic terrorist group Antifa, these people are not called out by the Ashkenazi owned media

  8. Mayor Watermelon Seeds Eric Adams on terminating 4,000 city workers for being unvaccinated & blaming all the gun violence in NYC on Drill Rap music claims he’s going to get it banned on social media… wtf

  9. Leftist Bill Maher says Trudeau sayin “Do we tolerate these people (the unvaccinated) “ Now, you do sound like Hitler

  10. Heather McDonald, booster-bragging comedian who fell on stage, discusses with Dr. Drew both talking about the risk & effect of the vaccine , & still saying its worth the RISK to get this vaccine ?

  11. Dr Robert Willner warned us about Anthony Fauci 30 years ago, THE GREAT LIE OF HITLER

  12. Durham has filed in court and in his filings he makes it clear that this internet company was spying on Donald Trump as President. Clinton campaign paid to 'infiltrate' Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia

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