Feb 16, 2022


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The Treasonous coup d'état by the Obama Administration & Hillary Clinton campaign is being ignored by all the FAKE MSM outlets except Fox News, Newsmax & OAN ... notice none of them are using the word TREASON .

  1. Dictator Trudeau basically calling on banks to shut down the bank accounts of protesters and organizers

  2. Why is the CDC running ads informing people how to prevent blood clots

  3. NYC crime #StopAsianHate Christina Yuna Lee's Chinatown Murder_ Suspect 'Mercilessly Stalked' His Victim

  4. Woman who recently moved to Atlanta area said she was carjacked at gas station

  5. Dogs that mauled intruder to death will not be put down

  6. its Election year... start up the RACE HOAXES .... Teacher tells Black student 'get your cotton picking hands off of that' , student walk out in protest, this makes the news...

  7. ‘I Will Hurt You’: Disturbing Video Shows Violent Bullying At SC Middle School , Black female was the aggressor of a much smaller white female. If the races were reverse this would be on all the news networks

  8. Black business promoting robots Robot serves guests at Dunwoody restaurant , saying this is the future... promoting robots replacing humans, Job killing

9.Leslie Stahl is done as a journalist. What she will still refuse to do is admit she was wrong and instead spout how smart they are at 60 Minutes

  1. Duram Probe exploding origins come from Clinton Campaign with Big Tech & Eyes turn to Hillary Clinton, not Trump in the Russiagate scandal

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