Feb 16, 2022


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We went from 2 weeks to flatten the curve 2 years ago... to now get tested for AIDS? WTF are they putting in that Covid19 inoculation because there was never a COVID19 virus isolated , so there's no covid19 antibodies ... so what's in the vaccine that will make this push to get tested for AIDS which is a syndrome or HIV another CDC virus that never been isolated.

Lets get Tacky

  1. Kari Lake speaks with ABC news talks about the MSM not reporting the fraud in the 2020 election , Youtube/Screwtube deleted this video

  2. Shine news - Mayor Watermelon Seeds want NYers to live a plant based centered life, when NYers are scared don't feel safe ,

  3. Stabbing, attempted rape on subways & Majority of NYers are saying the city is going in the wrong direction

  4. In Alphabet Soup News - Biden Administration hired Sam Brinton as Deputy Secretary of Spent fuel and waste disposition - he's an LGBTQ super freak picture of him in dress on IG and him w/ a gay guy on leash w/ a mock puppy head mask on ..

  5. Florida 'Dont Say Gay' bill advances for teachers to not talk to students about their sexuality , this is a good start but needs to go further . because any talk about Homosexuality to children prior to puberty is all about GROOMING children make it easier for a sexual predator.

  6. did you know Atlanta has AJOCC Atlanta Jews of Color Council, but didn't we get a lesson in the MSM last week that Jew is a RACE? I"m confused

  7. White House is giving out free crack pipes in black history month for RACIAL EQUITY

  8. Meanwhile on MSNBC aka MSDNC they not talking about #FreeCrackPipegate they talking about Trump using a cellphone in 2018

  9. Heather McDonald shares new video of her fracturing her skull after FAINTING on a stand-up comedy stage

  10. Chinx Leana Wen gov can't continue to push the PANIC BUTTON when theres no actual panic , we stop masking requirement to individual decision

  11. MSM & social media flooded with article on HIV on the rise and new variants of HIV being found? right after this push for mass injection of the JimJones Covid19 Vaccine ..

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