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REAL TALK: LIVE w/SARAH & BETH Today's Topic: Aborti-mania

Isaiah 8:19-22, Luke 8:26-33

When men have thrown off their allegiance to God, when they have denied the existence of their Creator, when they have explicitly refused to seek and to serve him "in whom they live and move and have their being," they may imagine themselves to be free from all spiritual bonds; but they are miserably mistaken. Watch and consider ...

Is Abortion Murder? REAL TALK: LIVE w/SARAH & BETH, 5/5/22 Episode

Isaiah 8:19-22 Sermons from

Aborti-mania: The perfectly planned meltdown by Michelle Malkin

Helpful Resources: Abby Johnson, advocating for the dignity of every single human life: Many women change their minds about a chemical abortion; it may not be too late to save your pregnancy: Support After Abortion exists to see the world restored from the impact of abortion: Providing support for single moms and women facing unplanned pregnancies: [We are not connected to the above resources in any way; we just like sharing supportive resources that may be useful to others.]

The ABC of Salvation

Beth Neibert is a Christian, Motivational Speaker | Author | Pastor - @bethneibert #OhCrapShesUp

Sarah Davenport-Smith is a life policies advocate, lobbyist, and is committed to providing legislative and consulting services on local and state levels while pollinating the truth. @sarahdsmith

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