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REAL TALK: LIVE w/SARAH & BETH Today's Topic: Called to Change the News

Hebrews 11

Faith is the theme of Christian life. Hebrews 11 is transformational in all circumstances, and it provides examples of how faith works. It reveals the power that works in every situation and reveals what pleases God. Examples using people pain pictures for us. They show us those who were involved in the worst of circumstances, maybe even the worst of sins. Yet, through their faith, they literally changed nations. We are not called to just observe the news; we are called change the news. They changed the news and through their faith they were delivered. God encourages us and He speaks about how wonderful these people were and about what they did. The kind of faith they expressed in challenging circumstances gives us courage. When our faith in God is active, whatever our circumstances are, it unites us with the patriarchs. Faith works if we work it. Watch and consider ...

The ABC of Salvation

Beth Neibert is a Christian, Motivational Speaker | Author | Pastor - @bethneibert #OhCrapShesUp

Sarah Davenport-Smith is a life policies advocate, lobbyist, and is committed to providing legislative and consulting services on local and state levels while pollinating the truth. @sarahdsmith

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