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Alec Baldwin just compared his shooting of his cinematographer to Jan 6
Jan 09, 2022


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In a bizarre rant Alec Baldwin just compared his shooting of his cinematographer to Jan 6 and seemed to blame both on ‘right wing hate’

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  • The most fragile ego on the planet attempting to defend against his gross negligence, what a sad pussy. Be a man and own up to what you did. Take responsibility you "faggot"! Isn't that the word I've heard you use more than once?

  • classic case of liberalism is a complete mental disorder. they and hm are truly out of their ever loving minds ALWAYS deflecting taking no responsibility for his own stupidity. Jail would not even work for him. they are political racist and he is using her death as a soapbox of which to bloviate his hatred and disregard of anything worthy of praise. He could not tell the truth if the taliban was about to end his vocal dump truck.

  • Your place is behind bars. You have always been a cheap person...

  • Isn't this the puppet that killed that woman?

  • Good job it is the 11th not the 6th

  • The truth is you, Alec Baldwin, killed someone. You are guilty of murder.

  • Let me guess, you killed here, what a piece of work…

  • what a poc (piece of crap)

  • He is an actor, if you want to call him that...........he lies, and refuses to turn over his cell phone. I wonder why.

  • What the hell is that he holds up? He looks so pleased with himself over it.

  • I would think that a professional actor could lie better than that.

  • garbage people

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