Jan 20, 2022


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  • Whoever murdered her needs the death penalty. Simple!

  • Is this John Sullivan's video? he's a real scumbag

  • A waste of ovaries

  • what a stupid bitch. may she rest in peace.

  • You people are stupidass sheep, yeah right they left her there and walked away and then a bunch of antifags showed up because that was the set up, babbit is an actor and is not dead and was not shot and the shooter wasn't a black cop and the glass on the left was not touched the one next to it was being beat on and cracked but couldn't be pushed through the next glass the same thing and then the one on the far right was easily kicked out by a girl? if indeed the actor playing babbit wasn't a man~ but when one shot rang out, nobody in the crowd ran away or ducked or changed what they were doing in anyway~ The so called shooter was Michael Voss the husband of piglosi's daughter~ he shot the gun and I assume a blank so as not to be noticed by a hole in the door at the end of the hallway where he shot towards~ the he or she playing babbit fell back even though its momentum as it was leaning forward it would have landed inside not back~ But the CIA/FBI was behind it all and you being bought the bullshit due to it fit what you wanted to believe, you were had and aren't smart enough to see it or are too full of shit to admit you been had~ I've posted the video proving this on GAB but you most likely blocked me cause you're a cia fbi rat who is here to lead the sheep into hell~

  • RIP Airman Babit ✝

  • This was an ASSASSINATION. If TPTB won't prosecute, then We The People need to step up and do it!

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  • No gun. Peaceably protesting. No violence. She did not deserve to get shot and killed by a crazy Capital police!

  • I've yet to hear an excuse as to why her execution was deemed justified when there was a SWAT team a few feet behind her.

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