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Family dog protects a badly trained dog from harming his "Mini-Master".
Nov 13, 2022


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  • Doggo just play'n.

  • Truly man's, and boy's, best friend. That dog may have saved that boy's life.

  • Cats are better pets than dogs. By far.

  • All three dogs should have been secured on leashes outside and in public and none of that would have happened. Bad owners all around.

  • I love it when those dog owners ask.. " Should I get my dog. OR ... I will get my dog. " I tell them You can walk it or you can drag it . You decide.

  • The black dog needs to be shot, asap. If I were the Father of that child, I would sit by that ditch in a chair with my shotgun and wait for that dog to come into my yard. BOOM. No more dog attacking my Child.

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  • Just an over exited puppy wanting to join in playing.

  • Good dog for stopping the bad dog.

  • Guys that is a Kangal. Look the dog up. The coloring and the curl of their tail are clear indicators.

    I have a Kangal.

  • Mans best friend and this proves it.... The only other thing better and faster would be my .45

  • The way the dog pushed the kid out of harms way first before taking care of the other dog! Epic.

  • What a beautiful moment. True lojalty bravery and protecrion! Made my day!

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  • looks like a cross of gsd and gold lab. lol good job!

  • That's a German Shepherd for you. It's what they do best.

  • Another reason for parents to conceal carry. The owner shows his crack to the parents, then scuttles off to his beer and TV set.

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