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Fauci predicting vaccine mandates before the scamdemic.
Jan 20, 2022


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  • Hey, take it if you want, don't vilify those who think your product is SHIT! If you want to force this onto me and my family, Fauci, I invite you to come out to my home yourself and make that attempt. Murderous midget cuck boi. The thought that someone as psychotic and delusional is in any position of power is mind boggling.

  • Look folks, "their" plans have been in place for hundreds of years, not just the last few!!! THAT"S what you need to wake up to!!!

  • They've known, as the military has known for decades, the Flu Vaxx causes Covid susceptibility and shedding.

  • I don't blame them, I blame us. It's our duty to rise up against tyrants and put them in their place. We refuse to do that so we're reaping the consequences of our cowardice.

  • scammers gonna scam.

  • He should be in Court facing Crimes Against Humanity charges! And he should be accompanied by Gates and the rest of the boys in the band who have been lying for two years and in the process killed millions unnecessarily for a glorified Flu Virus!

  • You on'y have to realise Fauci and his Chinese friends, along with Gates, Big Pharma, Universities etc all met up at a Conference in NY in September 2019 to discuss what would happen if a pandemic hit the world! Strangely three days after Big Corporations took out pandemic insurance! And lo and behold two months afterwards they decided we should have a pandemic! Now they should all be in Court facing Crimes Against Humanity charges with a sui5able wall picked out for them!

  • Oh look, the rat's trying feeding his masters! Why do these puppets feel the general population is as mentally comprimised as the horrible actor in the oval office!

  • Can’t stand his globalist ass !!

  • Exterminate the Rat!

  • Wow. What a POS that Fauci is

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