Jan 08, 2022


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  • or sparying

  • It's Nessie

  • The rapid perspective change is indicative of a separate moving object because it can be safely assumed that the plane from which the film is made is flying on a contiguous straight line. It is NO chem trail.

  • It's probably one of the many dozens of chemtrail sprayers. It's a couple of miles away and heading out at 2 o'clock.

  • US government secret tech. Things like this were seen in the 50's and 60's and it turned out to be the U2 or the A12.

  • It's Rocket Man testing out of his super duper killer rocket that changes it's range mid flight because it can't decide which enemy is worse compared to the other. IOW, it's confused like Commie Leftist Morons are about their sexual orientation and gender.

  • Weather balloon :p

    It is not another aircraft leaving contrails. Great imagination but the solidness of the object by continuity of color and shadow, the fact perspective moved from one front angle to another across the 180 degree front arc of the object would have been a collision with the filming passenger's vehicle. Won't speculate since entire object is not in view unless this is a "rod." You may want to look at the observational history of rods as it seems more likely one of those but not sure of the issue causing the appearance we are seeing here.

  • Battlestar Galactica jumping in from the Pegasus galaxy.

  • Looks like a missile to me.

  • It's another aircraft leaving contrails.
    I wonder if a passenger in that aircraft took a video of YOUR aircraft leaving contrails behind, then posted the video online claiming it was a UFO?

    "Thinking is hard work; that's why so few do it." ~ Albert Einstein

  • what is that? It is another flight, just like yours, you dumb uneducated bitch.

  • It's a jet spraying chemtrail...fecking morons here.

  • looks like a whale in the water. Maybe one learned to fly.

  • thats the wing.

  • Im sorry you need to fix GAB TV, these controls are totally eating a bag of dicks

  • It's a balloon. Take a long bottle partially fill it with water, and seal it. then submerge it and let it surface.

  • It's a missile, fool!

  • Looks like a wing tip, but at the beginning it is vertical. Maybe a jet pulled up alongside the airliner?

  • "Clearly some one was shooting a missile at their plane and missed, they got lucky"


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