May 08, 2022


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  • I have nothing but vulgar and obscene words to call anyone like her. Scum isn['t strong enough of a word. How come they can say horrible things like that but parents get investigated by the FBI for protesting at a school board. Sick sad world.;

  • God ressurected his Son. Can You too?

  • how mentally this creature is, she needs to quit the drugs and repent.

  • These people have a superficial understanding of the Messiah and the Prophecy that Jesus fulfilled. Jesus was the I AM. The same I AM from Mosses.

  • God did NOT kill His Son.

    Jews did.

  • I wonder what black men think about this woman?

  • Technically, God killed himself. Have at it.

  • Shows how much they understand. Judas sold him out and a man killed him. God just did not intervene for all the reasons of sin and redemption. Imagine believing that killing your child was the best path forward for you and your life. How screwed up are these people because of Marxist scum. Sad.☹️

  • They think its funny.

  • Degenerates. Go attack each other!

  • Because you are NOT God.

  • Jesus was an immaculate conception and birth... Not an abortion!

    The Zionist Jews and Sanhedrin condemned and had Jesus crucified, by the Romans.

  • While I am not a Christian and don't believe this story, as it is in many pagan societies stories in history, God did not kill his son- He sent him to die and Jesus had a choice when he was 33 years old... Let me know when your kid is 33 and chooses to die.

  • What would satanic worshiping radical Marxist Democrats know about God. They are a bunch of degenerate scum who are on a mission to destroy america, it's history, it's culture and it's Christian values.

  • The Sanhedrin had him killed because he interfered with their racketeering and suggested they follow Moses.

  • God didn't kill his son. The satanic jews demanded he be murdered by the government.
    But if you actually read the Bible you would know that.

  • I can’t share this. It’s too disgusting. Unabashedly Blasphemous.

  • It was our sin that brought about his voluntary death not GOD

  • The Word was fully mature and volunteered to pay our price for sin.

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