Jan 06, 2022


Proud Patriot, Loving father, Dallasite, Defender of Common Sense. Verified original GAB...



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  • Sounds familiar, eh ?

  • is that Perry White from Superman (1977)?

  • By their Satanic-Rules, they have to tell you what they are doing to you before they do it. By doing so, and you not objecting, they absolve themselves of guilt, and declare you willing-slaves.

    The Ruling Ethnic-Mafia were writing the Hollyweird scripts back then - same as now. The difference is, they had to use characters with whom decent people could identify, in those days - people like "Jim Rockford," who had a conscience (when he looked in the mirror while shaving). Having Exterminated most Decent People by promoting degenerate-perversion, they no longer need to do this - can now portray sick, mentally-ill freaks as "protagonists."

  • AWESOME!!!!!

  • Why were we all so collectively complacent back then? We could have stopped all of this decades ago, even during my parents generation - my grandparents generation constantly tried to warn us of this decades ago, but their warnings were never heeded - now decades after their passing, all of their predictions have been proven correct in our current times

  • Nice find.

  • Boomshakala

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