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Satan walks amongst Us
Jun 28, 2022


Proud Patriot, Loving father, Dallasite, Defender of Common Sense. Verified original GAB...



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  • i'd have put her over my knee and given her something to scream about. in a discipline way, not a sexual way. eww. the thought of that attempting to steal semen in order to kill a baby.

  • Looks like the farmer, forgot to lock the gate on her pen.

  • White women need to be put back in their place. With a heavy hand if necessary. This is just the beginning. BTW, why is she so upset, nobody has sex with her.

  • Same with the vax? nope cause that affects others safety, they say.

  • Wow. You have an extraordinary amount of patience. How do you do it?

  • hysterical, "you're touching me, you're touching me"

  • Absolutely zero chances of this "piebeast" sneaking up on a unsuspecting hard on , not to mention any sperm became suicidal the exact moment she was detected .

  • How many bags of feed to you reckon it takes to satisfy this sow in a day?

  • Pig woman.............. any man that lies with you deserves to have his offspring murdered.

  • Hey brain dead Liberals or DemocRATs shut your dirty ignoramus pie holes!

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