Jan 05, 2022


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Iranian woman flooded in Konarak, Iran: "Where is the mayor? Where is the governor?"

This is the regime that builds stadiums in Iraq provides, all kinds of services and money to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and stores rockets and UAVs there. They give money to Hamas and Houthi, or embezzles. It leaves the homeless people of Iran like this and without any facilities. Sanctions don't hurt the citizens, it's the regime, no matter what the US does.... These people are ready to rise up and fight for their freedom. Kina like what we are doing.

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  • Fat middle aged "Karens" are irritating in any language

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  • No one is going to rise up and do sht. Whoever law enforcement and the military supports will have the power. Eventually engineers will wipe everyone out and do a full Noah Ark reset. Nothing will happen before then because no one is going to fight thousands of police, military and fleas. the fleas being federal law enforcement agencies. Just wait for Moses.

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