Jan 20, 2022


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Rob Schmitt: He is a perpetual waste of life, but in liberal California, all bets are off. I'm sure L.A. District Attorney George Gascon is already sending him love letters in jail.

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  • I like this reporter guy. So glad he dumped Faux.

    So sad about all of this. I pray for this woman and her family.

  • The animal should be kept behind bars for its own safety.

  • What a tragedy for this young lady and her Family, killed by a soulless black bastard because of her colour and the MSM will never mention it. America really is a soulless place that nobody likes anymore, and really deserves its title as the most evil Country in the World.

  • Superiority complex playing the victims. Murder anyone they wish. Ultimate narcissism. Just like the rest of the egomaniacs using environmentalism, race, gender, plandemic to perversely impose themselves upon the world right now.

  • Yahoo posted an article about a vigil being held for Brianna. Yahoo, and probably most of the people whom attended that vigil are most likely the people whom cry for protest for the rights of murderers and call for the destruction of police security, and releasing the criminals upon us all. Yahoo and all them with their twisted social justice for criminals and evil, throwing the good people under the bus. America hating, criminal enabling , BLM black supremacist racist loving, baby murder supporting, homosexual loving, gender bending genitalia mutilation encouraging, covid mania forced injection supporting,

  • He did it because she is White.

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  • We should thank George Soros for this but that would be anti-Semitic and would be bad.

  • If California was to punish him, they might send him to his room to think about what he has done. BLM will say, he is black, she was white, that makes him the victim.

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