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The United States has a very serious mental health crisis
Jun 27, 2022


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  • I seriously don't ever see her needing the wire hangar option

  • That's not an illness of the mind, or a so-called mental illness...that's an illness of the SOUL. She was actually talking herself out of what she was talking about, which is why she ended the 'interview' so abruptly. She did not allow common sense and/or conviction to make its way into her SOUL. @RitMargue Praying for her in THE NAME.

  • Mental illness is the pandemic in America!

  • The day of the hanger is coming. Demented 'spergs like this should never attempt to procreate. We shouldn't leave it to chance or wait for them to self-pwn into sterility. It should be mandated, mass sterilization for all leftist, lunatic lib-tards. We can be rid of them in a generation. She looks and sounds like Lena Dunham's little sister after finishing the Crack-kins Diet. Remember her little sister, the one she admitted to finger-banging....sick fuck.

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  • NO one will f**k this thing, dont worry honey, you'll be fine (you might be borderline retarded, kinda rainman's sister)

  • I realize most of this is the fault of the news media and the education system but at some point, as a human being you have to know the difference between right and wrong

  • she may be mentally ill, but thats more due to her absolute lack of integrity and extreme narcissism. basically, she's a lying attention whore.

  • Wow, the totally brainwashed youth of today have no clue.

  • That's not 'self managed abortion' stupid. It's pills.

  • Young hedgecated wimmen are the plague of the 21st century.

  • Wouldn't it be ironic if lightning struck that coat hanger and aborted her?

  • So shove it crazy bitch and shut up. Crazy female.

  • Wow! This is the result of our public school system. They've created these totally insane young people. That woman is spun. We need to clean house and fast.

  • Look at her shivering with nutcasery.

  • Keep your legs shut. Use birth control. Tell the man to put a condom on. As for rape, incest, and threat to the mother there are medical procedures in place.

  • Our jewed-up society has mentally destroyed young White women. Raised on porn and feminism, they think they're constantly under attack. This confused woman is fighting for the same forces that are stealing her future.

  • Pathetic low IQ liberal women.

  • Ya! Now lets get the Supreme Court to outlaw hangers just to rub salt in the wound!

  • Tragic. Less than 1% of abortions are due to rape. Between rape and birth defects together, it's still less than 2%. The other 98%+ of women who get abortions do so because either they decided to have sex outside of marriage for pleasure and then regretted their choices and would rather murder the baby than face the results of their choices, or they simply did not want the baby for some other reason as a matter of preference or because they think raising a baby will be difficult. Unacceptable reason for murder.

    If a person really doesn't want to raise a baby, then they need to abstain from having sex, not kill the baby after making poor life choices. Under the same argument of difficulty or financial reasons or life challenges, you could say that because it's difficult to support elderly grandparents, we should simply murder them. After all, it would solve the economic challenges. Acceptable? Of course not. The same argument could also be applied to 3 year olds or teenagers during a recession. It isn't okay to murder a living human ust because of an economic downturn.

    Many of our women are heavily brainwashed, as well as physically and psychologically damaged from poisonous everything - water, "food", "medicine", vaxx, plastics, soy, and more, our women's minds and bodies are being utterly destroyed. This woman is not all there, and it's good the uploader called it a "mental health" crisis, but it's worse than that. This crazy woman could have turned out to be an ordinary human being under normal circumstances. It's horrible how she has been destroyed and is no longer able to think.

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