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This is what's educating your kids
Jun 27, 2022


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  • Teaching more like grooming kids into being gay parents should report deviants who try grooming their kids with their disgusting behavior

  • Jenna Hall, Renaissance Academy, Lehi, Utah. She and the school "mutually agreed" to part ways. She took leave and is not returning.

  • disgusting.

  • She has a mental disorder of sexual confusion for whatever reason and she accepts it as true, She simply has not been treated for it by professionals. The problem there though is the professionals can't or won't diagnose it as such in fear of being called anti __.. Seriously you do not have to shoot up a school or a grocery store to qualify for having a mental disorder. Being gay or trans is totally anti-creation which is counter to God's design. If you could put these people on their own island they would cease to exist in one generation. Many "gay" people have corrected their behavior and become once again heterosexuals (default setting). One thing the real churches out there have done is taken the lead on this matter with much success.

  • Don't give them publicity.

  • We're paying these bimbos Wake up parents.

  • Cancer on Western Civilization

  • How about teaching some math and English you stupid bitch.

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  • This is the very definition of grooming. Find young impressionable children and praise them for doing the things you want and normalising such behaviour.

    She proudly admitted they are gay because of her, not because they naturally are.

    Burn in hell witch.

  • Looks like the asylum has an escapee.

  • She needs a good Bunga-Bunga. Someone, please give me her contact info.

  • So, prayers in school are offensive and forbidden but, teaching very young kids repulsive sexual promiscuity, is OK and allowed. This is what I call social degradation.

  • Our school systems need to be completely redesigned, to remove any common core, CRT, sex classes, and any other corrupt courses that teach indoctrination instead of education! We have some of the least educated students in the world! Just try talking to one of them, and you will see immediately just how screwed up their minds are!!! We also need to reexamine our school boards. Let's start eliminating the dead weight, and get members that are interested in our children's education, and not the enormous payoffs that they are receiving for keeping our kids stupid!!!

  • She is a jerk, narcissist

  • Lots of kids are queer?

    Nope. Most of them are just seeking attention.

  • Don't care about dinner. How's about a little h.--d?

  • A punch in the face can fix that.

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