May 08, 2022


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"Since the Maidan happened, they [Azov*] had complete freedom of action and they killed, raped, robbed people"

These are the words of George Elayson, a journalist from the USA. He has been living in Donbas with his wife for 10 years. Since 2014, he has been observing the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In an exclusive interview with RT Documentary, the journalist shared his view on the 8-year conflict, its sides and the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

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  • Because the USA, Canada, Argentina, and other countries of the world invited Nazi officers (especially the scientists) to come to our countries. For example, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, Crystia Freeland, is proud of her propagandist Nazi officer grandpa for his work for Hitler.

    And regarding the ceasefire? Just like Hitler, these Ukranians used that time to build up their army. Hitler was notorious for doing that and why Britain's PM Churchill warned them!

  • Because they have nothing to do with National Socialism or any form of goodness, because they are not National Socialists, they are mercs for the demon jew flying false flags and our government is fully occupied by the demon jew that seeks our genocide.

  • The only ones that call themselves "nazis" nowadays are Jews. They even put swastikas on their Synagogues to Satan and on their college dormitory doors.

  • WHY ARE YOU BACKING VLADOLF PUTLER? Nazi Hitler doctrine: invade other nations on grounds that Germans live there. Putin doctrine: invade other nations on grounds that Russians live there. For shame trying to characterize a nation with Jew as president as Nazi! Shameful Putin Propaganda

  • Real man! it must be remembered that the United States is guilty of a global catastrophe

  • Nazis fight Jews. So,, they aren't nazis.

  • Cause their israeli masters command them to~

  • I wish they were Nazis.

  • They aren't "nazis" you retard, the jews created the unit, and injected flags from the Third Reich to create a scapegoat. It was literally created and funded by an Israeli, and has jewish leaders. Stop repeating their talking points!

  • It's simple. They are funded by world jewry and serve the interests of a jewish president. The jews who run WEIMARica have decided for now that's who gets the USA's support, so it does.

  • Not ONE MENTION of how Azov is really "astroturfed nazis" that were FUNDED by Jews, serve the interests of a Jewish president (Zelensky), and host celebrations for Jews in their headquarters and outposts on Jewish holidays. Calling them "Nazis" and pretending they are just some extension of the ideology of the German NSDAP of the 1930s is like calling a pure Scandanavian "black" because they can get a deep suntan in the summer. OK, so they have a swastika on their flag. Big deal. The jews that funded them and helped create them are revelling in the two-pronged win of having created yet another bad optics game to cast aspersion on what they hate the most -- the ONE people in all of recent history to succeed in kicking them the fuck OUT -- and score the win that this batallion actually serves their interests at the same time it takes their optics lumps!!! The golem has a right AND a left hand, after all.

  • Grain of salt, more credible than news since seen in America media.

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