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Nostradamus, Dolores Cannon and 911
Nov 19, 2022


Because we live in the end times and we know that television and leadership are both dark, this...



Con = with Spire = spirit Theo = God CIA Nazi spin. They did Planned Parenthood using FED tax money. That money is actually gone. The USA is broke. Saudi went Benedict. But they spoke through time. MND's family had to fake life on the outside and practice faith only inside the home. He carried that into his gnostic ways and the familial name change. There was a Greek student serving as an assistant. He must have been meditating as Dolores Cannon was speaking to her client. The HighSelf connection was made through time. In my Google search as to "four stars from four corners" per Suddi, the four stars were Regulus, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon. Four lined up to ground zero vic Carmel enroute to Qumran. It was "safe" there from Herod. He was Essene. The Trump administration was also Rev 12 ..23 SEP 2017. He synchronized Corona. Some rabbis tie to rat virus. They wear a black box and wail at a wall. The talmudic bobble. False peace in Gaza. Let's ascend as Christed. Egypt is planning darkness. Let there be light. Solar blast is needed. Pacemakers will be unneeded. Pharmacy is sorcery. Virus is man-made through animals. We were the COVid test monkeys and we aren't done. Naughty Beaver is on YT. He connected Akura and Four Corners .. Nostradamus drew his picture. He cites Dolores Cannon. Derek Broes pointed to him. It's a circus. Excalibur. Knights Templar. OSS. Columbus was a Cannibal like our Presidents. Yes you are the terrorist. But you cast a vote in secret. It's sacred ritual to some. They have rights. Mad Malloy great video:

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