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Fitness After 50 - Chest/Arms Workout for Jan/Feb 2022
Jan 20, 2022

Bob Kelly

Proud father of 3. Married 34 years and counting. Born in Kansas. Lived on Seattle's...



This is the 20th month of my membership in Caliber Fitness ( The program gives me an online personal trainer, phone apps to track workouts and food, and an outline of a diet plan. The trainer is available for questions about exercise and dieting. He's helped me work through some minor injuries with his decades of experience in fitness. The results have been tremendous. I've lost 33lbs in this time, my blood pressure has dropped from hypertensive (160 / 110 typically) to normal (120 / 86 at last reading), and my energy level has shot through the roof. Cardio is not part of the program, but you naturally want to do it with all this energy. In good weather I'm very active with biking, hiking, and swimming in our lakes. I've taken to using our treadmill more often to give another boost to weight loss. Every twelve weeks my trainer switches up my workouts. It's important not to let the body get used to a pattern, but to be constantly challenging it. Formerly, I never tracked workouts and performed the same lifts at the same weight year after year, showing no progress.

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