Oct 31, 2021

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In the last few weeks we have been looking at what is called “the Olivet Discourse,” where Jesus explains to the apostles about how the destruction of the Old Covenant was going to take place. There is probably today no section of the Bible where both the historical context and the literary context (the context within the story Matthew is telling) is so totally neglected. From the start of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus has been re-living the history of Israel. The genealogy at the start shows that He is Israel’s true king, he descends down to Egypt like the patriarchs in Genesis, he comes up from Egypt, He crosses into the land at the Jordan, He spends 40 days in the wilderness like Israel’s 40 years, He gives them law in the Sermon on the Mount like Moses at Sinai, he tells proverbs and riddles like Solomon in His parables, He finally preaches like the prophets announcing the doom of an unbelieving Israel that has rejected her God and perverted His worship. Everything in the gospel is about Jesus coming to Israel and in Himself being the Israel that Israel was incapable of being. He came to them as a faithful Israel where they and their fathers were unfaithful. Everything was about ministering to these particular people. So much so that when Gentiles wanted Jesus to do something for them, He refused, and they had to beg Him to change His mind. So Jesus all of a sudden doesn’t go from ministering to and preaching to and prophetically condemning Israel, to randomly jump ahead thousands of years, and then jump right back into ministering to and preaching to and prophetically condemning Israel. Jesus is talking about the Israel he came to minister to. He is not talking about us or people 500 or 1000 years from now; what He says can be applied to us and those Christians 25 or 50 generations from now. But for now we have to look at it as best we can through the eyes of those who lived 2000 years ago in Judea.

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  • Wow. How about reading the whole bible? Prayerfully. Agree that this is obvious Preterism, but have to wonder how someone can reconcile the obvious problems with this point of view. I'm sorry to say it but this sounds like it is wholly 'flesh' (leaning to your own understanding, rather than "lean not..."). There are so many problems here it's just not possible to respond fairly with a few words. To the reader/listener, please lay your questions upon the Lord for understanding... before believing this teaching.

  • Interesting.

    I'm yet to listen to another of those legal suits of thine that I insist will one day have thee enthrone The Devil and Satan as thy Pope, and Osama bin Laden as the President of the United States. But I'll like to ask, please; what is thy Christ's judgment on the mentally retarded lunatics that in the name of thy Jesus murdered my father at the University College Hospital in Ibadan a couple of weeks or so ago?

    I know what my own judgment of those lunatic pentehooligans is. But the lawlessness of all thy law suits obviously will have the blind and the naive believe now that it is thine now to judge, even should thou be then judged also.

    Any other evidence of all thy lawlessness, please?

  • Amen hallelujah Lord Jesus Christ our king!

  • Great sermon! Worth your time. To all those who are weirded out by preterism, maybe just listen and carefully listen to the NT. So much of the NT language and discussion makes so much more sense understood in light of God's judgment on Israel in AD70.

  • This guy makes perfect sense!

  • The sign of Jonah is specifically described by Jesus Himself. Just another thing that becomes part of what's suspect in this teaching. And what is the end of all he is preaching? How will he describe ultimate victory? We will have victory on earth while Jesus is in heaven? What of the new Jerusalem, the tree of life, being in the presence of the lord described in the very end chapters of Rev? Waiting to see if this preterist ties this up neatly for his followers.

  • Preterism isn't a lie any more than any other doctrine in Christian history with which you might disagree. It has a noble lineage and is worth investigating.

  • I believe the Bible passage this pastor is speaking about is referring to the end times. In fact, it's REALLY clear. I think this pastor is way off the mark. I direct you to that same chapter verse 3(KJV),

    "3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?"

    He's clearly talking about end times and when Jesus returns because it literally says "end of the world" in the Bible. If you read the rest of the chapter you can see it parallels what happens in Revelation. It's pretty clear this is talking about the tribulation and when Jesus comes back. I am not sure what Bible this pastor is reading.

  • Obvious Preterism.

    I don't recommend anyone listen to this video. Preterism is a lie.

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