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God Responds to Worship (Judges 3:7-31)
Apr 10, 2022

Pastor Andrew Isker

Triumph over CHRIST'S enemies.Conquer the world with MIRTH. Be enchanted by the very words of...



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  • I thank you for posting this important message I’m a new subscriber and I’ll keep a lookout for your new videos. I need prayers sent over my husband he isn’t Christian and he says he hates that Rededicated my heart to Jesus and that I’ve changed. I pray the hand of God draws him near. He won’t let me go to church so I listen to Air1, and K-love apps. I also enjoy the Abide app and The Chosen app. So, I’m pretty much in worship most of my day. 🔥❤️🙏✝️💗

  • God probably doesn't like it when creation fakes their worship. We are made in God's image and guys are sometimes upset when their girlfriends or wives "fake" it. God proclaims himself to be all powerful. We can withhold all worship until creation actually warrants it. Is anyone truly enjoying creation as it stands? Don't fake it, just let God know many aspects of his work are worthy of worship, but overall it is failing and semi-miserable creation. Some kids even get raped and tortured in God's creation, and an all powerful creator doesn't intervene. Shame upon God. Lucifer could probably do better, with his own Kingdom he was able to establish. God is almost worthy of worship, but I still wouldn't waste my time going to a church to praise him.

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