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The Anarchists w/ Todd Schramke and Christian A Pierce
Oct 01, 2022

Blue Collar Mystics

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Join us as we welcome the Creator and Director of HBO's The Anarchists with Todd Schramke. This is a conversation exploring the ideas portrayed in the docuseries that was recently released on HBO. The show is excellent - very well produced and it does a tremendous job of bringing ideas that have been mostly ignored by the mainstream to the mainstream. We chat about Todd's experience, what made him decide to document this movement and what his political beliefs are now. We also chat a little about the production and logistical aspects of production and talk about Todd and Kim Kylland's musical project which is featured in the show and just dropped two new singles! Joined with our good friend Christian A Pierce - voluntaryist activist and magician. Check out the show website here: Follow Todd on IG: Co-Producer Kim: Kylland's music here: Find Christian's backup IG here (he'll be back soon!) Find our homepage at: Subscribe to the podcast AUDIO on your podcast provider of choice: Follow us on Rokfin for extras and exclusive livestreams: Come chat with us on Telegram: Check out the Magick on the Mountain Event with Grimerica in Mt. Shasta here: []( on-the-mountains/) Join our free facebook group here: Follow us on IG: Get a free guide to finding your life's purpose: Get on a Discovery call to #getcoached here: []( call) Check out all the contributors to Alt Media United HERE: Find us on all the platforms thanks to our partners at Gab: Bitchute: Flote: Rumble: Odyssee MeWe: YouTube: Https:// Support us on Patreon: #hbomax #theanarchists #documentary

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