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The Little Man Inside Your Head - Exploring the Myth of Homunculus with Juan Ayala
Nov 20, 2022

Blue Collar Mystics

Blue Collar Mystic. Sorta Funny Sometimes.

Owen Hunt is a producer, comedian, coach, author...



This is a fascinating conversation about a discovery Juan has made that goes back centuries deep. Cloning has been going on publicly as far as we know since the 1990's -- is it possible this is an ancient alchemical practice? Where do stories like Frankenstein and The Island of Dr. Moreau originate from? Is fact truly stranger than fiction? Who even is the observer of the thoughts, could it be a being operating from a galaxy far, far, away but actually here at the same time? Join Juan from the @Juan on Juan Podcast and I as we embark on what might be the most bizarre conspiracy theory that I've ever encountered but also appears to tie together many undiscovered plot holes in the tapestry of 'reality'. Find Juan's website here: The Chosen Juan and Occultis Mundi: Juan's IG: Tiktok: Twitter: Fringe FM: []( on-juan-podcast/) Find our homepage at: Subscribe to the podcast AUDIO on your podcast provider of choice: Follow us on Rokfin for extras and exclusive livestreams: Come chat with us on Telegram: Check out the Magick on the Mountain Event with Grimerica in Mt. Shasta here: []( on-the-mountains/) Join our free facebook group here: Follow us on IG: Get a free guide to finding your life's purpose: Check out all the contributors to Alt Media United HERE: Find us on all the platforms thanks to our partners at Gab: Bitchute: Flote: Rumble: Odyssee MeWe: YouTube: Https:// Support us on Patreon:

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