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Facebook is DARPA Data Collection
Jan 24, 2021

Where We Go 1 We Go All

Content Creator From the Former Youtube Channel "Where We go 1 We Go All" & MC of the "Logical...



Originally uploaded 3/14/19 - a look into faceboks origins and the possibility that it may be nothing more than a straight up data collection operation

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  • Finally found your channel! Whew! Classic WWG1WGA video format! Love it!!

  • great info

  • outstanding! Well, they (goog), sure didn't make the same mistake twice huh? My only hope is somehow someway we get this ship back on course. Cause unfortunately we will NEVER be able to win an election ever again..... you kidding? They were able to steal a landslide victory away from arguably one of the most POPULAR candidates to ever run for office. AND he was an incumbent. AND they did it right out in the open - to our faces, then DARED us to call them on it. When we did, they laughed in our faces and told us we were crazy that this was a free and fair election. So, in my estimation, there's only 2 options on the table to get this country away from the tyrants and somehow build our system back. Hopefully it happens like the drops laid out. I won't go into the rest. I guess my point is-- until we are able to wrestle control away from the corrupt elements in Congress and the big tech and media outlets-- we are at their mercy because there will never be another fair election only the illusion of one. Unfortunately this is how a Communist Regime does it. most times they have to waste ammo, but not this time. It's been really easy for them this time. not one shot fired. BUT we have GOD. so pray everybody. pray. GOD will hear our prayers and have mercy on us because he loves his children. Great video as always brad! God bless you, and God bless you for always having such a great attitude.

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