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Lin Wood, Bohemian Grove and Covid by the Numbers
Jan 05, 2021

Where We Go 1 We Go All

Content Creator From the Former Youtube Channel "Where We go 1 We Go All" & MC of the "Logical...



Covid 19 deaths are simply regular deaths being misreported on as a way to terrorize the public. But what do they have to hide? Why did they need to lock the world down? Lin Wood explains by providing a window into the dark world of the elite.

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  • Glad to find you over here. Hope to see more videos. Surprised the ended 6 days ago. What do you have now?

  • No we are all supporting our countrymen and nations freedom. Its merely trump that is able to do the job of leadership to secure these truths. Because were already losing our freedoms. Because we keep falling in the traps of fear and ignorance.

  • Good to see you again!

  • I'm new on Gab. Good to see we can talk freely.

  • You would have to kill me! No way

  • Thank God for Gab, NO WAY this would survive on "NormieNet"

  • glad you are back!

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