Let’s Play Sonic Adventure DX Episode 7: Chaos 6 and The Lost World
Jan 11, 2022

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In this latest episode of our Sonic Adventure DX series we face our biggest obstacle yet: Chaos 6! And this isn’t even his final form!! 🤣😂 We somehow fight our way past him to find ourselves in a mysterious lost land… What is going on!? Hope you enjoy! God bless!

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  • Why do you only use your face cam when playing Sonic?

  • That transform thing at the start is weird, do you ever need to change it once you're this far into the stage?

    Great job on the Chaos boss, I have no idea what you did to damage him.

    Always love the A New Hope reference. "Boring conversation anyways..."

    You are keeping your cool remarkably well with all these water shenanigans, I'd probably have had to go run a few miles and fume.

    Hope your day is truly fantastic sir, thanks for for video! God bless you

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